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Creation Theory exists to see great ideas happen.

So, what's your idea ?

We can attest first hand to the immense power of visualisation to help stakeholders and clients alike to catch the vision and come on board.

Of course a picture tells 1000 words and so we make captivating pictures - in 3D, animation, interactive [ or litterally in 1000 words, for that matter ] - whatever sells the story.



Together, we can make it.

At Creation Theory we apply a holistic design approach.

WTF does that mean ?

It really just means we believe that every aspect of design - from the product / service itself, to the business plan, to the strategy, to the brand, to the packaging and collateral, to the digital experience - should all work together as one intergrated ecosystem, informing one-another as they are developed concurrently, for a far superior overall outcome.

'Greater than the sum of the parts' and all that.

All too often in the past, design has been an afterthought in the product development process, but as the giants of the digital age have now proven out, design is in fact a critical strategic imperative and competitive advantage.



What would it look like if it was a working, real-world brand ?

How much easier would it be to attract investors, partners, suppliers and team members, if they could just SEE IT for themselves - as though it was already live.




Do they know what you’re on about ?

Do you ?

People simplify and summarise your story when they share it.

Is your messaging quotable , or forgetable ?



Humans make impulsive, emotional choices. Sorry.

Hate to tell you, but all of that reason and rationional justification comes after the fact.

That's why you need to know what it is that you're REALLY selling - in the eyes of the buyer, that is.

Btw, you’d better be ‘sexy’ too. And you’d really better not be boring.


> Strategic Branding

> Pre-Visualisation

> Digital Prototyping

> IP Development


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