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Creation Theory exists to see great ideas happen.

So, what's your idea ?

Story. It’s the only thing anyone really cares about.

The real reason people buy something is because of the story they can tell about it - where it came from, how they found it, what’s unique about it and most of all, what it says about them to others. Think about anything that’s special to you - there’s a story that goes with it, isn’t there.

Of course a picture tells 1000 words and so we make captivating pictures - in 3D, animation, interactive [ or litterally in 1000 words, for that matter ] - whatever best sells the story.

We can also attest first hand to the immense power of visualisation to help you share the story with your stakeholders, investors and clients alike and to help them see your vision and get on board with you.



Together, we can make it.

At Creation Theory we apply a holistic design approach.

WTF does that mean ?

It just means that, like modern companies such as Nike, Audi and of course Apple, we understand that ‘design’ means the entire process - from the original concept, to product design, to the business plan, to brand and market strategy, to the online and/or in-store experience - it’s all one interrelated whole. No one part can be developed without consideration of and consultation with the other parts.

All too often in the past, design has been an afterthought in the product development process. But as the giants of the digital age have now proven out, design is in fact a mission-critical strategic imperative and a key competitive advantage.



What would it look like if it was a working, real-world brand ?

How much easier would it be to attract investors, partners, suppliers and team members - not to mention validate your offering with potential customers - if they could just SEE IT for themselves - as though it was already a real, living brand.




Do they know what you’re on about ?

Do you ?

As humans, we naturally edit new stories down to the most memorable ‘bites’ - this was happening long before tabloid news or Twitter. You know, ‘Chinese whispers’.

So, what this means for your story is that you need to do this editing for them - so that your are serving them those bite-sized pieces of story, ready-to-share before they get a chance to do the editing themselves.

Ask yourself - is your messaging quotable ? Shareable ? Or just forgettable ?



Humans make impulsive, emotional choices. Sorry.

What is it that you are REALLY selling - not according to you, but according to 'them' - your customers ?

What is in their mind at the very moment they click ‘buy’ ?

So often, it turns out to be the very same thing that made the founder create the company in the first place.

But then how come that [ invariably ] emotional and qualitative trigger - the one thing that ignites both your passion and theirs - why is that one thing, which stands above all others, practically never contained within a company's marketing message ??

Either we just don’t get it, or they don’t.

Anyway, at the end of the day and above all else, whatever you do, just don’t be boring.


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